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Communication Design, taught by Antonio García and strove to teach the 5 core elements of visual design (imagery, layout, typography, color, and content) and how to use them across mediums—from pitch decks to product campaigns We worked on defining target audiences and making objective design decisions that resonate with them by conducting competitive visual/brand audits. Exercises focused on using grids and wireframes to create visual hierarchy and order, manipulating imagery (illustration and photography), pairing typefaces for legibility, and combining colors to build brand identities and communicate mood and tone.

For our final project, we were tasked to find a startup product (by combing Kickstarter), define a target audience, develop a visual language and content, and use all of this to create a one page website layout. We decided to work with Bagel, a "smart" tape measure that digitally recorded results. Bagel positioned itself as a geeky, disruptive alternative for an everyday object, but we repositioned it as must-have for the DIY-enthusiast, the type of person selling mason jar fueled woodworks on Etsy. With an updated brand color hierarchy, I altered the colors on the product itself and designed a logo to fit this cuter, more whimsical brand identity. Check out the Kickstarter page; I think our version is a little more appealing.

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