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The Audi Innovation Challenge was a nationwide MBA competition that asked participants to research and define the future of the auto retail business while strategizing how Audi would adapt its current dealership network to address the changing landscape. Jay, Randy, Tom, and I developed a working hypothesis and comprehensive research plan to substantiate our claims, which we pitched to Audi. After we were selected as the winners of the initial pitch, we worked with Audi team members for the next six weeks to further research and craft our vision for the future. Through ethnographic research (market research surveys, customer and non-customer interviews, dealership visits, undercover purchasing) and by utilizing design-thinking techniques we'd learned from our MMM courses, we crafted a strategic plan for the near future and developed proposals that would address the automobile landscape ten years down the line. We gave our final presentation to the top twenty Audi dealership owners and Audi of America's CFO, Matt Carpenter, at Audi's American headquarters in Virginia.

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